Friday 09 October 2015

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Virginia Horse Center still kicking, helped by lodging tax extension

The Virginia Horse Center will remain afloat thanks in part to an extension of a lodging tax that will help relieve some of its debt.
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WEATHER_Woods Creek flooded

Rockbridge County braces for more flooding

Rockbridge County will be under flash flood watch again this week, starting Friday morning.
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To save money, Rockbridge County stops separating recyclables

Rockbridge County has adopted a new recycling policy along with other new strategies for waste management.

Rockbridge Area Health Center wants to help residents use Obamacare

The Rockbridge Area Health Center has a new outreach program to help better educate county residents about their insurance options under the Affordable Care Act.

Scam attempts up locally, Rockbridge Sheriff’s office warns

A local resident alerted the Rockbridge County Sheriff’s Office after someone impersonating a deputy called her, demanding money and threatening arrest. The sheriff’s office recommends that residents report scam attempts.
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School lunch program enrollments spike since recession

The number of students in Buena Vista’s subsidized school lunch program has doubled in less than a decade, and counts are up in Lexington and Rockbridge County as well. Experts say it’s a sign of the economic times, and they expect the figure to keep rising.
The pole houses are rented out to Washington and Lee students and are a popular off campus party location. Police say noise problems are improving. Photo by Jordan Missal

Complaints about student parties are on the decline, police say

Party noise from Washington and Lee University students used to be a sore spot for neighbors and law enforcement. But most agree that things are getting better.

Central Elementary goes green with school garden

Central Elementary is the last of the county’s public schools to begin building a campus garden. School officials say it should be finished by the end of the school year.

Trustees postpone decision on solar panels

Washington and Lee University trustees have postponed a decision on building a solar energy array near the planned third-year housing development. But supporters say that any delay past the end of May could sink the project.

Winter storms lengthen academic year

Unusually harsh weather has made it difficult to keep local schools open. Parents say the nine consecutive snow days in Rockbridge County have disrupted their schedules.